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18 & 19

Official Visit - Grand Forks


18 & 19

Mini Grand - Bismarck

July 8

Founders Day


29 & 30

Grand Assembly


News Letter 2020 Vol 1

We have had a busy start to a great year with our new GWA! Check out what the assemblies of North Dakota Rainbow have been up to. Keep up with the latest happenings in North Dakota Rainbow by subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of this page!

See Newsletter Here

News Letter 2019 Vol 2
News Letter 2019 Vol 1
Lower Age Limit

North Dakota Rainbow has some exciting news! Girls will now be able to join Rainbow earlier! The age limit to join has been lowered from 11 to 10 years old. Don't forget that if you are still too young to join, we have Rainbow Pledge Groups for girls 6 years and older!

Grand Worthy Advisor Service Project

Our Junior Past Grand Grand Worthy Advisor was able to collect and donate $1,500 and 278 pounds of food for her service project, The Great Plains Food Bank. Congratulations on a successful term as North Dakota Rainbow's Grand Worthy Advisor!

Inspiring Alumni 2017

Kylie Melby was named Inspiring Alumni by the Supreme Assembly.

Kylie is a past Grand Officer and majority member from Grand Forks Assembly.  She currently teaches 4th grade at South Point Elementary in East Grand Forks. She has a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. Kylie is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Curriculum Instruction through the University of St. Mary's Minnesota. She attended the National Science Conference in Minneapolis earlier this year, and now serves on the Science Curriculum Selection Committee, and was selected by LRTT to travel to Nepal to serve with other teachers to educate Nepalese teachers in July. While there she will travel into rural Nepal to teach about classroom management, behavior management, lesson planning, and a variety of other subjects! Kylie says “It's to further my love and passion of education, and then to come back and spread knowledge to my students.”

Thank you Kylie for inspiring us

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