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What is Rainbow Pledge?

Rainbow Pledge is a service and social organization for girls ages 6-10.

The Rainbow Pledge Program is designed to be a confidence builder. A Rainbow Pledge member will learn how to accept responsibility and how to be both an effective leader and a dependable follower. She will have the opportunity learn how to speak effectively and to listen carefully.  The Rainbow Pledge Program allows girls to be of service to others, which will bring the girls a genuine feeling of accomplishment by helping others.  The Pledge Program can open the door to experiences and friendships that will stay with young girls throughout their lives.

Several activities during the year will be held with the Rainbow Girls with the hope that, when she turns eleven, a Rainbow Pledge will decide to continue her service activities by becoming a Rainbow Girl.

When and where do the Pledges meet?

Most Pledge Groups meet once a month in their local Rainbow Assembly room, at a date and time set by the Rainbow Assembly.

Who can attend Pledge meetings?

The meetings are open to the Pledge members' family and invited guests. Prospective members interested in joining are welcome to come and observe any meeting, along with their parents.

What do they do at a Business Meeting?

They have a very short opening ceremony, read minutes, and report on activities followed by a short closing ceremony. A regular meeting is only 20 minutes long or less. Meetings are usually followed by an activity and refreshments.

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